At pi2Life we want to make products discoverable based on their sustainability qualities.

We have designed Shop Finder and B2B Sourcing platforms to make it convenient for buyers live their sustainability values and goals both in their personal and business lives respectively.

As a supplier you can explicitly specify sustainability keywords, scores, verification labels and shop locations for your product range on the platform. Whereas as a buyer you can search for products as per your sustainability profile to find out where to buy these products for your personal needs or send sourcing inquiries for your business needs.

The platform also supports new arrival notifications and connect buyer with suppliers and resellers based on their stated needs.

Shop Finder


Combined view of physical shop locations in your proximity as well as online websites that are delivering to your location

Retailers, Shops

Inform consumers about the availability or launch of the sustainable products at each of your physical or online shops


Easy to use shop location tools combining both physical places and online websites from your page for your brand or individual products

B2B Sourcing


Procurement | Sourcing | “Resellers”

Create sourcing inquiries for products of your interest which are routed to corresponding Sellers and Resellers

Specify what you are looking for and get contacted by Sellers with or without revealing your identity


Distributors | Wholesalers | Traders

Receive itemized inquiries for products for which you are approved as a resellers on the platform by Brands or manufacturers

Specify what you are looking for and get contacted by Sellers with or without revealing your identity


Brands | Manufacturers | Producers

Receive itemized inquiries for your products which are also routed to your approved resellers on the platform

Contact Buyers or Resellers who are looking for products that you can deliver to them

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We are embarking upon this journey with mission-aligned partners by supporting each other towards our common goals

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